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Bill Gates Leads List Of Billionaires


On Monday, Forbes released its annual list of worldwide billionaires, along with the net worth of each. The list features a staggering 1,826 names, and at the top we find a familiar one: Bill Gates, who checks in with a net worth of nearly $80 billion.

Joining Gates in the top five are Carlos Slim Helu, Warren Buffett, Amancio Ortega and Lanai Larry Ellison. Each is worth more than $50 billion.


Some interesting facts learned from looking over the list:

* California is home to a whopping 131 members of the list — not only more than any state but also more than any country other than China (and, obviously, the United States). To say that the Cali tech bubble has proven lucrative for certain individuals would be an understatement.

* Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ranks 16th on the list, with a net worth of $33.4 billion. He’s three spots ahead of Google CEO Larry Page ($29.7 billion).

* Basketball legend Michael Jordan appeared on the list for the first time, sneaking in with a net worth of $1 billion thanks to his investments in the Charlotte Hornets.

* The combined net worth of everyone on this list is $7.05 trillion, a substantial increase over 2014’s $6.4 trillion.

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