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Time Warner Cable Reports 97% Profit Margin


Talk about huge margins…

In a recently released report, it has come to light that Time Warner Cable has a 97% profit margin from their high-speed internet service. Although many have long believed that the company was unfairly charging more than they should for certain services, I don’t think anyone knew just how crazy it was. In this day and age, access to the internet is almost a necessity in America, with many of our lives revolving around social media as well as many jobs being Web-based.

For this reason, many people try and look past the exorbitant amount of money they are spending monthly to access something so essential. However, when an article like this is released and it is made public how little TWC and similar companies pay for maintenance and upkeep, one should expect some backlash. There has been a petition subbmitted to the FCC in hopes of halting a proposed merger between giants TWC and Comcast. We must all hope and pray this doesn’t happen or our bills will most likely double or triple as there would virtually be no competition.


Take a look at just some of TWC financial numbers below:


Source: Huffington Post

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