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Being “Credit Card Smart” in 2015

credit-cardsMake your 2015 resolution come true by using your credit cards to your advantage and making them work for you.

There are a lots of views about whether to have any credit cards or just use cash. The first thing to do is a bit of research. Many credit card companies offer introductory rates, with little to no interest, for a period of time. Be smart, and read the fine print. Find out when this offer expires and what the interest rate will be after that time.

Some cards reward you with points for travel, food, etc. These can be very beneficial, but again, always look at the interest rates and their Terms and Conditions.

Credit cards help you build great credit, if used in the right way. Plan on paying them off each month; you are then assured of no interest and good credit.

Watch your credit limit, even if you don’t use it. This can go against you and your credit score, as available funds. It really can go two ways. If you don’t use a credit card, you cannot establish good credit. If you do have credit cards and only make the minimum payment or you spend too much, it can drastically hurt your credit score.

Use any resources to find out all of the information about many credit cards and then you can make a decision that works the best for you.

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