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Best Way to Earn Money in the Long Run


Since the economic collapse of 2008, it may appear that progress is stagnant. Aside from the relatively stable oil prices, inflation is beginning to creep in which is contributing to less purchasing power than previous years. To make matters worse, costs for education — which is widely regarded as the most effective measure of social mobility — is at an all-time high. Moreover, after obtaining an education there is no guarantee of employment due to globalization’s impact upon market forces.

Wages are stagnant and health care costs are rising, but you don’t need to feel trapped in a job or career that is unsatisfying. Unlike previous generations who only held one career throughout their working lives, millennials will most likely have to change careers multiple times throughout their working lives. The beauty of the economic paradox is that you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself instead of being forced into a job or career that you perpetually detest.

Equally worth mentioning is the double-edged sword of technology that has without a doubt consumed jobs once performed by people, but it also offers a multitude of skills that one can learn for free on the internet. The only way to plan for the future is to continuously develop and cultivate new skill sets that are desirable to the marketplace. Investing into yourself doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg with free sites devoted to education like: Khan Academy, Coursera, Academic Earth, and Code Academy, to name a few.

The information age has equipped us with the tools to learn nearly anything, so do yourself a favor and invest in yourself before your skill set becomes obsolete.

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