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How to Earn Money as a College Student

Glass bank for tips with money isolated on whiteIt’s easy to go broke while in college. When we’re booked up with classes, meetings and extracurricular activities, often there is no time to work and earn wages. But how are we supposed to cover rent, make a dent in tuition and have a little fun while we’re at it? Here are a few great tips for earning a little extra cash while on campus:

  1. Stay on top of grades so you don’t lose scholarships.
  2. Think about jobs you can do from home or on campus — like online jobs or working at the school store.
  3. Become a nanny or babysitter.
  4. Walk dogs or clean houses.
  5. Become a waiter. You’ll work nights and go home with cash in your pocket.
  6. Look in classifieds of your campus. Often, school newspapers or websites will have job listings.
  7. Talk to the college. Go to your majors department first to get jobs related to your field. There also might be jobs for students that qualify for student employment. These can be given to students whose parents dont have a huge income.
  8. Give plasma. You can get a good chunk of change for this and are also helping out others. You could also be a guinea pig for psychology experiments; these often don’t pay a lot but they are always safe.
  9. Make sure you sell back your text books!
  10. Put on a car wash with your roommates (it helps if you’re all attractive females).
  11. Proofread essays. Many students do these last second so they might be willing to pay for a proofread.
  12. Sell your class notes to those that miss class a lot. Make sure to do it on your laptop.
  13. If you are a fast typist, type classmates’ documents for small fees.
  14. Do seasonal yard work for neighbors. Rake leaves, shovel snow or pick weeds in the summer months.
  15. Find cool products that classmates will want. Buy them wholesale and see if you can sell them for cheep er to your classmates.

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