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10 Most Expensive Places To Live In The US

Depending on the current state of your professional career, the following list of the most expensive housing markets in America will either be highlighted as ‘Cities to definitely move to,’ or perhaps ‘Cities to absolutely avoid,’ when making the decision of where to establish your homestead.

However, if you’ve struck it rich in California’s bustling tech industry, you should thank your lucky stars, because you’re in the right corner of the United States to find the absolute best of the best housing markets in this country.

The median home values of the following housing markets were determined by data compiled for Coldwell Banker’s Home Listing Report 2014, an annual report that compares the cost of a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house in 1,900 markets across the United States — taking a look at as many as 52,000+ listings. To give you a quick comparison, the national average for such a home is just around $300,000.

Take a look at the following markets to see just how high the median values can be. Think you could afford a mortgage in one of these markets?


10 – Wellesley, Massachusetts


Median Home Value: $1,090,088.83

2013 Ranking: 16th Most Expensive


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